We are less than a month away from having Madden 18 in our hands and starting to show the ratings of the best players by position. For this delivery, the kickers make an appearance, it does not matter if they are Kickers or Punters.

Ratings of other wide receivers in Madden 18

DeAndre Hopkins - Texans 91 OVA
Jordy Nelson - Packers - 91 OVA
Mike Evans - Buccaneers - 90 OVA
The annual releases of EA Sports’ popular Madden and FIFA games could soon be replaced by a subscription model that makes sense for electronic arts and sports video games in general.

The video game industry is moving away from physical discs to online downloads, including full games, their updates, and downloadable content. The sports video game industry is part of this trend, but even greater change could be on the way.
The Madden NFL 18 is now available in stores and fans have the most extensive football experience to date. In the new installment of the series, thanks to the state-of-the-art Frostbite engine, for the first time in the history of Madden NFL, players can experience the full intensity of football and accompany Devin Wade's movie-ready NFL career in Story mode "Longshot".

In addition, the new MUT squads in online mode enable versatile ways to play together with friends. Coverstar of Madden NFL 18 is the five-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady, who is considered the best player of all time for
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many football fans worldwide.
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We are less than a month away from having Madden 18 in our hands and starting to show the ratings of the best players by position. As always, we started with the quarterbacks and obviously the best of the game must be who is going to be on the cover, the one who has 5 Super Bowl rings and eliminated a 25 point advantage in Super Sunday: Tom Brady.

Ratings of other quarterback in Madden 18:

Russell Wilson - Seahawks - 90 OVA
Andrew Luck - Colts - 90 OVA
Cam Newton - Panthers - 88 OVA
Madden NFL 18, the new game in the American Football Games series of EA Sports, is getting a story mode.

The mode is called Longshot and is similar to The Journey mode in the Fifa games. Players crawl into the skin of a NFL protege playing in Texas and being recruited for the big league.

Play each match by following your selected specs from three new Game Styles, or play the best real-world matches every week on Play Now Live! With the introduction of even more ways to play, in conjunction with their modes, 'Madden Ultimate Team' and 'Franchise', this is a Madden like you've never seen b
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Madden NFL 18 is one of the most popular Football games in the world. All players hope that they have fun in matches, and their characters levelup or live very well in the game, which needs a lot of Madden 18 Coins to support their characters' leveling up in game. Buying Madden 18 Coins from coins seller is considered as an efficient way, but there are some questions bother many players: How to choose a reliable site?
Video games are now the cult medium and have long since arrived in the middle of society. People from all walks of life regularly consume a variety of games, like Madden NFL.

Playnation.de showcased Madden NFL has been one of the top 15 most successful video game series ever made.

The American football sports simulation Madden NFL has been named after the American football coach John Madden and is served since 1988 in annual rhythm with fresh offshoots. The series has been officially licensed by the NFL since 1993 and has had an exclusive license since 2005 granting it exclusive use of
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all team and league credentials. The latest offshoot of the series is Madden NFL 18, which was released on August 25, 2017 for PlayStation and Xbox One. While FIFA is extremely successful in Germany, Madden NFL seems to be spreading in this country.